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“Put a package in their mailbox instead of an email in their inbox!”

-Joe Kenemore, CEO, Mailbox Power

All businesses have to deal with the Four R’s:





Which of these does your company struggle with?

Gratitude Consultants work with professionals in the Real Estate and Insurance industries. We work with people that are trying to minimize their time while maximizing their profit.

Gratitude Consultants provides you with innovative strategies to automate and personalize (automize) your marketing. These strategies have been proven to impress your clients. More importantly, though, they keep you top of mind when it’s time for them to make a buying decision or refer someone to you.

Isn’t it time for you to stand out from your competitors?



Real Estate

Are you tired of people that come to your open houses only to eat your freshly baked cookies? Would you like to start getting referrals from your current clients?


Do your client’s come and go? Are you tired of people that just “kick the tires”? Are you having trouble cross-selling your existing clients with additional products?


You are a very busy professional. You are going to meetings and appointments all over town. Now you can thank a client for meeting you before you even get back to your car.  How much more could you accomplish if you were able to control all of your marketing right from your smartphone?


There is nothing more powerful to a client than to see their name on all of your products and marketing. They will know how much you care when they receive personalized items from you. They will be much more likely to refer you to their friends because they know that you’ll care for their friends too.

Are You Ready To Automize Your Marketing?

Gratitude Consultants works with professionals in the real estate and insurance industries.

We design and implement marketing strategies that are automated and personalized for our clients.