About Us

Doug Preston is the Founder and Chief Gratitude Officer of Gratitude Consultants. He started in the insurance industry in 2004 and has been helping people his whole life.

After 10 years in the insurance industry, he was doing it like everyone else. Countless cold calls and purchased leads lead to frustration with the industry.

In 2014 he decided that he had to find another way. He read about a man named Joe Girard, who once sold 1,425 cars in one year! The most by any car salesman in history! Mr. Girard did it by sending hand-written notes to his customers. He developed a referral-based business by sending notes and appreciating his customers.

Doug decided to follow the lessons that he’d learned from Mr. Girard. He started sending personal cards to my clients to thank them for their business, on their birthdays, and for the holidays. Doug noticed that he started to get more referrals from these clients.

The strangest thing happened after he started sending cards to my clients. Not only was his business growing, but his outlook on life also changed. Doug found himself starting to look for reasons to celebrate others. There were the business-related reasons to send to clients, but he started looking for any reason possible to celebrate others.

Gratitude Consultants was developed to train insurance agents and realtors on how to make a difference in their client’s lives. Doug wanted to teach others how to treat their clients the same way that he treated his.

Now he teaches others to use what he’s learned and how to apply it to their businesses. How to set up easy to maintain strategies to personalize their message to their clients.

Doug holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Northeastern University and a Master’s Degree from Temple University.  He currently lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Gratitude Consultants works with professionals in the real estate and insurance industries.

We design and implement marketing strategies that are automated and personalized for our clients.